Vehicle Magnets and Truck Magnetic Signs

Advertise your business using affordable custom magnetic signs that attach to your car, van and truck. Whether you are parked on the side of the road or driving down the highway, magnetic signs on your business vehicle are affordable and effective outdoor advertising solutions.

These vehicle signs are the perfect way to display your company information on any car, truck or service vehicle. Magnetics act as a rolling billboard, but unlike permanent signage for cars and trucks like car lettering, these signs are removable and can easily be added to rental cars, utility vehicles and more.

Magnetic signs are usually used in pairs and offered in a variety of sizes. When choosing your size, make sure that your sign will lay flat against the body of your vehicle and not over any trim. Rounded corners help keep your sign attached to the vehicle . Most popular sizes are 12" x 24" golden size standard for most vehicles, 12" x 18" for smaller cars and rear end magnetic signs.


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